The Value of Our Services

Our clients are focused on providing the best services to their customers and patients and not in the business of recovering past due accounts. This is where we come in!  We provide a team of certified Professional Collection Specialists trained to work with consumers to collect past due receivables for our clients. We do this with a 97% client retention rate and an almost non-existent consumer complaint rate. We believe in continuous education and training to ensure that we deliver a high level of service in full compliance of industry regulations and standards. In addition, FFR, Inc. utilizes cutting edge technology to provide multiple methods of communications, payment options, and file and data transfer for both our clients and consumers.

Collection Efforts


FFR, Inc. has refined the collection process to generate the best possible results for clients. Our collectors are experienced customer service representatives; we make it our job is to find a solution for every individual. We initiate contact by mail and phone. Our collectors take time to listen to the customer before working with them to resolve their unpaid accounts. If needed they can set up a payment plan with them. We serve each client with compassion and assertiveness and respect the time we have with our customers on the phone. We work with each account for up to six years and we continuously surprise our clients by recovering older balances that seemed uncollectable.

Consumer Locator


With the utilization of the latest technologies, FFR, Inc. can locate nearly anyone or any business across the U.S. From a new address or phone number to asset verification, deceased statuses, and bankruptcies. FFR, Inc. can acquire the information needed to get an account resolved.

Credit Reporting​


In the event that our agency is unable to collect on an account within our first stage of collections, FFR, Inc. can report a qualified account to the national credit bureaus as a data furnisher. With prior authorization, FFR, Inc. can place a derogatory mark on a consumer’s credit report. Such a mark can stay on a consumer’s report for several years, which may affect the consumer when trying to do business with lenders, credit grantors, etc.

Account Placement


We understand that handling accounts receivable is never on the top of someone’s to do list. That is why we want to make placing accounts with FFR, Inc. as simple as possible. Accounts can be uploaded as a file or submitted individually through our SFTP web portal, email, and by fax or mail.

Client Portal


Our client portal is used to view your accounts in real time, upload documents, create dashboards and generate reports as needed. Here you can find payment activity, contact information, and account updates. When adding new accounts, the submission process is a cinch. Use the easily customizable interface to take full advantage of this tool, including quick access to monthly remittance statements. After registering for the portal, full access is given and an activation email is sent so you know you are good to go.

Business Hours
Monday – Friday:
8:30am – 5:00pm (EST)

We are a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.