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First Financial Resources, Inc. (FFR) is a privately owned, contingency-based collection agency located in Framingham, Massachusetts. Since 1990, we have been putting people first, offering a flexible, client-focused debt collection service combined with extraordinary customer care. We specialize in a “compassionate assertiveness” approach, which has led our own clients to tell us, over and over, that they get “no complaints” from their customers. Our goal is to change the perception of debt collectors by treating every client and debtor with respect and dignity, while still making sure you get paid.

Get a quote for our top-rated “no complaints” collections services today. Our dedicated and highly trained team is ready to work for you; collecting the money you are owed and working closely with consumers with compassionate assertiveness.

Account Placement

We understand that handling accounts receivable is never on the top of someone’s to do list. That is why we want to make placing accounts with First Financial Resources, Inc. as simple as possible. Accounts can be uploaded as a file or submitted individually through our secure web portal, SFTP, and by fax or mail.

Collection Efforts

First Financial Resources, Inc. has refined our collection process to generate the best possible results for clients. Our collectors are experienced customer service representatives; our job is to find a solution for the debtor. We initiate contact by mail and phone and listen to the customer before working with them to resolve their unpaid account. We continuously surprise our clients by recovering older balances they assumed were uncollectable.

Consumer Locator

With the utilization of the latest technologies, First Financial Resources, Inc. can locate nearly anyone or any business across the U.S. From a new address or phone number to asset verification, deceased statuses, and bankruptcies, First Financial Resources, Inc. can acquire the information needed to get an account resolved.

Credit Reporting​

In the event that our agency is unable to collect on an account within our first stage of collections, First Financial Resources, Inc. can report a qualified account to the national credit bureaus as a data furnisher. With prior authorization, First Financial Resources, Inc. can place a derogatory mark on a consumer’s credit report. Such a mark can stay on a consumer’s report for several years, which may affect the consumer when trying to do business with lenders, credit grantors, etc.

Web Portal

Use our client portal to view your accounts in real time, creating dashboards and generating reports as needed. Here you can find payment activity, contact information, and account updates. New account placement is a cinch. Use the easily customizable interface to take full advantage of this tool, including quick access to monthly remittance statements.

How the Portal Works

Portal access is granted for every First Financial Resources, Inc. client. It includes:

  • The full list of accounts and all live information
  • Static reports and uploaded files
  • Statements, including accounts receivable
  • The option to add new accounts
  • The option to send questions and requests to First Financial Resources, Inc.


Simply provide your company name, your name, email address, and phone number. We will verify your registration within 48 hours (2 business days). If we have any questions, we will be in touch. We will then give you access to your own personal First Financial Resources, Inc. portal, which will give you full access to us and all our collection activity, as well as the ability to easily add new accounts.

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Uncover the best strategies for collecting debt efficiently—without complaints.
Uncover the best strategies for collecting debt efficiently—without complaints.