About Us

Efficiency Through Caring

We deliver superior collections in a unique way. Our account specialists never harass, threaten, or demean. Instead, we listen, educate, and collect. We match politeness with persistence and see our role as counselor, not collector. We help customers to understand why they have a debt and how they can pay it off in a timely manner. Highly trained, dedicated, and always compassionate, our collectors recover more dollars for our clients and no complaints.

Core Values

Compassionate Assertiveness

While never losing sight of the collection goal, our agents earn trust and surpass expectations by communicating more effectively in a thoughtful and caring way.

Driven to Succeed

Through dedication and focus we strive to deliver unmatched results.

Positive Energy

Collection services require not only compassion and drive, but a positive outlook combined with a genuine belief in what we do and how we do it.


Caring, understanding, and creative problem solving are the hallmarks of our team. We understand that our work reflects on your business and carefully manage your reputation through challenging situations.

Larry Gordon

Larry Gordon


As Founder, President, and CEO of First Financial Resources, Inc. Larry Gordon has leveraged over thirty years of experience in the collection industry, where he has truly come to understand the needs of both clients and their customers. He served five years developing his passion for the industry with Metropolitan Collection Bureau of Brookline, MA excelling in both the business development and collections divisions.

Larry established First Financial Resources, Inc., in March 1990, with the intent to develop the highest quality, client-oriented collection service, that was driven to provide extraordinary client and customer experiences. The First Financial Resources, Inc. mission was, and continues to be, focused on the highest levels of performance, professionalism, and strict compliance in the industry, as well as compassion towards both clients and their customers alike. The goal of First Financial Resources, Inc. is not only to collect what is rightfully owed to our client partners, but also contribute to the furthering of the relationship between our clients and their valued customers.

Greg Platt

Greg Platt


Greg joined First Financial Resources, Inc. in 2002 after serving as a Project Development Specialist and Coordinator with Synergy Investment, Inc. of Framingham, MA. Throughout his 17-year tenure with First Financial Resources, Inc., Greg has consistently been promoted to roles of increased responsibility within the organization. Each role has centered on the financial aspects of the company and collections operations. Greg is a seasoned collections professional who possesses a tremendous blend of deep insight into both industry finance and collections operations.

Jenna Petro

Director of Client Services

Carolyn Mosca

Carolyn Mosca

Collection Floor Supervisor

Professional Collection Associations

First Financial Resources, Inc. is affiliated with many local, state, and national associations. As a third-party collection agency, it is important to be an active member of these associations so we can better educate ourselves about the business industries for which we collect. These associations also keep us up to speed regarding laws and regulations. First Financial Resources, Inc. strives to provide our clients with the most advanced collection methods available for any industry. Shown here are a few associations which we avidly support and are a current member of.

ACA International

American Ambulance Association

Massachusetts Association of Patient Account Management (MAPAM)

New England Association of Private Career Schools (NEPCSA)

New England Adjustment Managers Association (NEAMA)

New England Collectors Association (NECA)