Education Debt

Education Debt

Get “No Complaints” on Your Toughest Higher Education Debt Collections

First Financial Resources, Inc. specializes in educational debt collection for colleges and other education providers across the country. We are proud to provide customized services and tailored solutions to help you recover your past due student loans and other charges. Our methods pay dividends in preserving your reputation as an institution of learning, and in treating your borrowers with the utmost respect.

Directing your staff to collect unpaid debts moves them away from focusing on undergrads and their educational needs. Don’t make them spend additional time tracking down students and overdue bills! Let us handle your overdue accounts so that you can focus on what matters most—providing the best possible educational experience for your staff and your students.

How We Collect with “No Complaints”

Your students are treated with the utmost respect, because we believe in “compassionate assertiveness.” As we collect, we are acutely aware that our most important job is to maintain your reputation and relationship. You’ve worked hard to make that happen, and we should amplify it as we collect. Each student is handled with compassion and transparency.

Examples of educational debt collection include:

  • Campus-based tuitions/loans
  • Bookstore Dues
  • Library Fines
  • Parking Fines
  • Private Tutoring
  • Registration Fees
  • Room and Board Fees

Before we start, we learn as much as we can about every account placed in our care. Understanding the unique nuances of your account makes it easier for us to explain to a consumer why the balance of an educational fee or loan is owed, and helps us to create a custom pay-off plan that works for them.

No Collection, No Charge

We offer our services with no money up front—we believe you should not have to pay for uncollectible debt. That’s why we are a “no-collection, no-charge” agency. And because time is of the essence, we offer a hassle-free setup process.

If you have exhausted all of your billing efforts, it might be time to try our top-rated collection services. Let us help you improve your cash flow and see immediate revenue improvement with our skilled, compassionate, and targeted higher-education debt collection approach. Our goal is to help your institution—and your students—succeed financially today, tomorrow, and throughout the next decade.

Contact us today to learn more about how partnering with First Financial Resources, Inc. can help you overcome your higher education debt collection challenges!

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Uncover the best strategies for collecting debt efficiently—without complaints.
Uncover the best strategies for collecting debt efficiently—without complaints.